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The Dragon King  was created out of an initial desire to aid a boy named Ethan in his fight for life.  What Ethan needed--what every child needs--is a story to inspire the creativitycourage and determination necessary to transform challenges into triumphs, and in so doing embolden the spirit with a sense of gratitude and hope for the future. 

We are looking for individual and corporate donors who can help us make The Dragon King available to children in need.

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Above photo: Illustrator, Johanna Burr, reading The Dragon King (El Rey Dragón) at Hospital Vincente Corral Moscoso, pediatric ward, Cuenca, Ecuador, 2013

I liked it. It was about you can do it. Sometimes you think you can't inside, but you can.  Made me feel like I can do things; even if I think I can't, I can.  I feel stronger.  Thank you."
Gabriel, age 9, Los Angeles, CA
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