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One will need courage and  
  determination to begin the journey--
And green scales, dragon tears, 
  and  a razor sharp horn--before its end.


The Mountain

Meet The Dragon


The Battle


Lend Your Ear

Queen Sarah's Lullaby

Anything is Possible

Time to Decide

All the Blue

He's Green

Illustrated Book and Audio...

This fable was born from belief in the power of story to overcome the greatest of challenges.
*Pages resemble those of a chapter book with select pictures and border illustrations, created by the author/composer's then 15 year old daughter.

*Addendum includes song lyrics plus a
"Can You Discover?"  interactive section.

*Features narration, character voices and sound effects 

* Fully orchestrated musical theatre style songs

* Duration 68 minutes

Interview with Illustrator, Johanna Burr

The Dragon King--Empowering Children: Inspired by a boy who had been badly burned.  Available as: SEL Children's Book

and Audio Book/Musical, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum, Spanish Children's Book ESL, Pediatric Burn Support.  

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