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what's it about?


It's a story about magic--and dragon fire, a razor sharp horn, a battle in the sky, green scales and dragon tears.  But more than that, it is a journey of courage, compassion and the power of imagination to forge one's own destiny. 


Foreword to

     The Dragon King:


Dear Reader,


           story should take us on an adventure.  This adventure began  when I met a boy named Ethan and his mother, Sarah, in a hospital.  Ethan had been burned in a fire and I wondered what I might do to help him feel better.  I believe that when we use our imaginations we can create anything we want—whether it’s an exciting game, a beautiful picture or a funny joke, even a solution to a challenge we may be facing.  It can encourage us to be brave and optimistic when we feel scared or alone.  Our imaginations are very powerful because we are very powerful.

So, as I began creating The Dragon King, I thought about what I would like to see and read and hear in a story.  I wanted it to look like the chapter books that I read as a child, with enough illustrations to begin painting a picture of the story, but would still leave room for my own imagination to fill in the rest.  I asked my 15-year-old daughter, Johanna, with her youthful perspective, to create the images that you will see.  The music, I knew, must be inspired by musical theatre, as if the listener was watching the action played out on a stage.  I wanted my hero, Ethan, to be able to overcome all obstacles but with compassion and respect for others.


But of course, I created The Dragon King because I thought it would be fun!  And I believe wholeheart­edly that when we do those things which make us feel joyful and happy, we help create a more joyful and happy world.

I hope that you will always create that which makes you happy!



But wait, there's more...

The Dragon King  illustrated children's book contains an interactive section entitled "Can You Discover?" where readers are encouraged to draw, spy out hidden elements in the illustrations and learn some interesting facts about constellations and medieval heraldry.  Song lyrics are also listed in its back pages. 

Lend Your Ear

There Once Was A Boy


Queen Sarah's Lullaby

The Mountain

Anything Is Possible

Meet The Dragon

Time To Decide


The Battle

Just And Honorable

All The Blue


He's Green

The Dragon King audio book is comprised of narration, character voices, sound effects and fully orchestrated musical theatre style songs.  Its duration is one hour and eight minutes including twenty seven minutes of music.  Excerpts from the audio are shown below.

Interview with illustrator, Johanna Burr, 2013