Author/composer, Vivian Slade is a vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, actor, author and mother to illustrator, Johanna Adrian Burr.  Before writing the story and music for The Dragon King, she focused her creative efforts primarily in the rock/pop genre. She toured the East coast from 1998 to 2000, receiving rave reviews and charting on college radio before settling in Nashville to raise her two daughters.  She presently lives in Atlanta teaching music.   Contact her.

Illustrator, Johanna Adrian Burr was born in 1996 in Nashville, TN.  She attended Linden Waldorf School from first through eighth grade where she and her classmates created their own textbooks; summarizing their daily lessons and illustrating them.  Johanna was particularly inspired by the art of calligraphy, taught in her sixth grade year, because of its beauty, grace, and intricacy.  As a freshman and sophomore, she boarded at St. Andrews preparatory school on the Clayborn Scholarship, awarded for academic excellence and leadership skills. 

Her junior and senior year were spent in Cuenca, Ecuador with her family where she baked gluten free baked goods for several restaurants around the city.  

Johanna graduated in 2019 from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in Spanish and English.  Presently she is teaching English in Spain.  Contact her.

Mother and Daughter Team