Praise for
      The Dragon King!
"I liked it. It was about you can do it. Sometimes you think you can't inside, but you can.  Made me feel like I can do things; even if I think I can't, I can.  I feel stronger.  Thank you."
Gabriel, age 9, Los Angeles, CA

"Courage, responsibility, and dependability are character traits that every parent wishes for their child.  As a mother and a licensed therapist, I highly recommend The Dragon King as a must read."  


Sandy O'Donnell, LPC, MHSP, Nashville, TN

Today's children are inheriting an increasing amount of

societal and environmental challenges.  


How do we prepare them to meet life with courage and grace?

This fairy tale adventure began as a chance meeting in a hospital with a boy who had been badly burned.  


The mission of The Dragon King is to empower and nurture in children the skills necessary to thrive in life.

What is The Dragon King?




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Todd Burr

Vivian Slade      



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